IUC programme to hold webinar on international financial sources and institutions

An upcoming International Urban Cooperation (IUC) programme webinar will provide local governments with the information needed to successfully access financing for sustainable urban development activities.

Taking place on 12 March 2019 from 15.00 – 16.30 CET, the webinar is open to all interested parties from around the world. Online registration must be completed to attend.

A range of financing experts will present during the webinar, including Stefanie Lindenberg of the European Investment Bank (EIB), Hyunwoo Kim of the UNFCCC's Finance, Technology and Capacity-building programme, and Cristina Dengel, Knowledge Management Officer with the Adaptation Fund. Time will also be reserved for participants to propose direct questions to the speakers.

The webinar aims to cut through the complexity of international finance to provide participants with digestible information on the requirements to access funding, and the best financing schemes available. In doing so, the IUC programme wishes to bridge the gap between funds available and funds deployed in local sustainable development projects. Local governments with a greater knowledge of financing requirements will also help financial institutions to better identify fundable projects, and will be empowered to fully contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement commitments. 

The EU-funded IUC programme enables cities in different global regions to link up and share solutions to common problems. It is part of a long-term strategy by the European Union to foster sustainable urban development in cooperation with the public and private sectors, as well as representatives of research and innovation, community groups and citizens. Through engaging in the IUC, cities will have the chance to share and exchange knowledge with their international counterparts, building a greener, more prosperous future. 

To view the agenda, click here.

For more information, contact support@iuc-europe.eu