4th IUC City-to-City Event

4th IUC City-to-City Event

3 December 2020

Additional presentations to be uploaded as they become available




Speaker Presentations


Plenary I – Implementing Green Recovery


Subplenary 1a – Smart and digital solutions to drive a green recovery


Subplenary 1b – Changing the urban system: how to redesign cities post-COVID


Subplenary 1c – Pathways for green recovery: how to fund sustainable urban actions


Plenary II – Reaching Climate Neutrality


Subplenary 2a – Multi-level dialogues: how to secure climate ambition and speed-up implementation


Subplenary 2b – Ensuring the energy transition is just, and not just about energy


Subplenary 2c – Integrating climate action: the nexus of resilient biodiversity, adaptation and mitigation