COVID-19 resources

Resources to support all in facing COVID-19


IUC cities and regions are testing a number of approaches to support their residents and communities as they face the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In addition, IUC offices across all regions are providing a number of resources to assist cities in this journey, and enable knowledge-sharing among peers.

Find updates from IUC offices at the links below. This list will be updated regularly.

For more information, contact, or the relevant IUC office (email addresses listed below).


IUC Asia

IUC Asia has held two webinars for IUC cities from the EU and China to discuss public management of the pandemic. The first webinar played out as a roundtable discussion on cities’ varied responses to the crisis, while the second used Liuzhou’s experience as a jumping off point for discussion. They are also providing news updates on how their cities and regions are addressing COVID-19.

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IUC India

Earlier this year, IUC India released a manual on “Financing Sustainable and Climate Resilient Urban Development in India.” In light of the ongoing pandemic, they have amended the manual to add a section on preparing for emergencies, with a focus on COVID-19 and India.

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IUC Japan

Cooperation between EU and Japanese cities in the frame of the IUC programme have shifted in light of COVID-19. Meetings have been postponed, and city pairings are finding new ways to continue their cooperation and maintain good contacts despite travel and capacity restrictions. More details can be found here.

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IUC Latin America & the Caribbean

The IUC team in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) released a reflection on the crisis by Claudio Acioly, Director of IUC-LAC, and have launched its own series of webinars known as “Diálogos IUC-LAC.” These have so far covered topics including:

  • Smart Recovery;
  • Green Recovery;
  • Urban Transport and Mobility;
  • Urban Planning and Public Spaces; and
  • Rethinking the tourist city after COVID-19.

Recordings of these webinars are available here. The series is ongoing, so continue to visit the page (available in English, Spanish and Portuguese) to register for upcoming editions.

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IUC North America

A webinar series titled "Cities Facing COVID-19" brings together IUC cities and experts from across North America and the EU. Recordings of past webinars are all available online, and cover topics including:

  • Recommendations from Spain for countries hit by COVID-19 later, on what they would have done differently [in Spanish]
  • Reflection on what has worked, what hasn't and what is next
  • Mobility and COVID-19
  • The road to economic recovery
  • Redefining public space
  • Opportunities and challenges for a more sustainable future

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Global Covenant of Mayors

Over the coming months, the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) Secretariat will be including a section in their newsletter dedicated to COVID resources and updates with useful information for cities. This is in addition to two special editions of the newsletter that have been released and exclusively focus on COVID resources. Find the second edition here, and please click here to sign-up to receive GCoM updates.

The GCoM Secretariat also recognises the impacts that COVID-19 has on communities around the world. They have thus put together a Frequently Asked Questions page to clarify its reporting principles – in light of COVID-19 recovery – for cities committed to climate and energy reporting and emissions reductions.

Finally, the GCoM has published a press release – representing over 10,000 cities – calling for global green recovery. Read the full statement here.

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