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This database compiles companies, research institutions, and other solution providers from across the world who can provide the technical expertise to help your city develop more sustainably. Oftentimes cities may wish to carry out sustainable projects, but lack specific knowledge or capacity. The listed solution providers have experience in supporting cities and regions to achieve their sustainability goals.

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Bioremediation and revegetation to restore the public use ofcontaminated land

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Soil and landscape protection, resource conservation


Europe, soil decontamination


The LIFE-BIOREST project aims to provide a viable method that uses fungal andbacterial strains for the in situ bioremediation of contaminated sites. Theapproach will be used to bioremediate soil from a site at Fidenza in northernItaly, reducing the presence of contaminants to within threshold limits forresidential and public use, while restoring the ecological functions of the site.The project will also assess the cost effectiveness and replicability of theremediation methods, and will demonstrate the feasibility of scaling up toindustrial level the production of micro-organisms that are used forbioremediation. The project will also produce bioremediation guidelines, enabling the transfer toother locations of the techniques used, and will promote awareness of microbiological remediation of contaminated sites.
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Nature and cultural heritage conservation
Sustainable use of land and nature-based solutions
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Consorzio Italbiotec

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Via Gaudenzio Fantoli, 16/15, 20138






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