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Solutions Database

This database compiles companies, research institutions, and other solution providers from across the world who can provide the technical expertise to help your city develop more sustainably. Oftentimes cities may wish to carry out sustainable projects, but lack specific knowledge or capacity. The listed solution providers have experience in supporting cities and regions to achieve their sustainability goals.

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Promoting urban integration of GReen INfrastructure to improve climate governance in cities

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Climate change adaptation, urban areas, green buldings


Building industry, Europe


The main objective of the project is to incorporate climate governance in the management of green infrastructure at the local level through the establishment of an integrated policy framework focusing on Urban Green Areas (UGAs). The project promotes urban integration, which translates into thinking of urban open spaces not as isolated units but as vital elements of the urban landscape with their own specific set of functions and contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation. This approach capitalizes on UGAs as valuable resources for the adaptation of cities to climate change and the mitigation of its impacts through urban forestry. LIFE GrIn will develop a sustainable urban forest management framework through participatory planning that combines public perception and values of UGAs with management practices addressing climate change. Supportive and well-tailored governance that covers horizontal and vertical engagement and broad stakeholder participation is a basic condition for all steps of the adaptation planning, implementation and monitoring process as is awareness and tailored knowledge creation.
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Climate adaptation
Education, jobs and skills in the local economy
Nature and cultural heritage conservation
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Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER, I

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