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This database compiles companies, research institutions, and other solution providers from across the world who can provide the technical expertise to help your city develop more sustainably. Oftentimes cities may wish to carry out sustainable projects, but lack specific knowledge or capacity. The listed solution providers have experience in supporting cities and regions to achieve their sustainability goals.

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Integrating VEGA, toxRead, MERLIN-Expo, and ERICA in a platform for risk assessment and substitution

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Human health protection, Chemicals


Europe, chemical industry


The objective of the LIFE VERMEER project is to deliver flexible and user-friendly software tools, called SPHERA and ToxEraser, for the substitution of harmful chemicals. SPHERA will be a diagnostic tool for identifying the adverse effects related to chemicals, and ToxEraser will provide the remedy by suggesting suitable alternative chemicals. Together, these QSAR software modelling tools will enable multiple assessments to be conducted to determine risks and hazards towards human health or to other species, and the persistence or bioaccumulation of chemicals taking into account different exposure scenarios. The tools will have broad application, which will be demonstrated through a series of heterogeneous studies. Both tools will be validated within six case studies (food contact materials, biocides, petroleum and oil fraction, greener solvents, dispersants and cosmetics), so that they can become part of the VEGA (Virtual models for property Evaluation of chemicals within a Global Architecture) platform for QSAR models.
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IRCCS-Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mar

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Via Mario Negri, 2, 20156






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