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This database compiles companies, research institutions, and other solution providers from across the world who can provide the technical expertise to help your city develop more sustainably. Oftentimes cities may wish to carry out sustainable projects, but lack specific knowledge or capacity. The listed solution providers have experience in supporting cities and regions to achieve their sustainability goals.

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Pollutant Photo-NF remediation of Agro-Water

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Wastewater treatment, food production


Food and Beverage industry


The LIFE PureAgroH2O project aims to build a new water purifier to clean effluents from the fruit industry. The so-called Photo-Nanofiltration Reactor will extract contaminants from up to 15 cubic metres of wastewater a day by combining state-of-the-art technologies including nanofiltration and photocatalysis. Its solar powered drive will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment, supporting the objectives of the EU 2020 climate and energy package to mitigate climate change. As part of the project, the water purifier will be deployed in an agricultural cooperative in Zagora, Greece. Its field demonstration will allow researchers at the Benaki Phytopathological Institute to benchmark the environmental performance of the technology with respect to that of conventional wastewater treatment. The University of Almeria will install another unit in a citrus farm in Spain to pave the way for transferring the Photo-Nanofiltration Reactor and ultimately commercialising it.
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Air quality
Water, waste management and sanitation
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Benaki Phytopathological Institute

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Στ. Δέλτα 8, Kifisia 145 61







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