City-to-City pairings

City-to-city pairings

Through the IUC programme, cities and regions across Europe have entered into partnerships on sustainable development with counterparts from around the globe. For a full list of city pairings so far, see the table below:


EU City
Paired city





2 800 000


1285 km2


Virginia Raggi



7 000 000


13 756 km2


Chen Fei


Air qualityCircular economyDigital transition
Education, jobs and skills in the local economySmart cities and regional/urban innovation and competitivenessWater, waste management and sanitation

Sustainable Development Goals


Yantai and Rome share a similar background in terms of industries like high-efficiency agriculture, electronic information, and also show great potential for mutual complementary cooperation.
Yantai and Rome are willing to work in the following areas:

  • Vocational school exchange and cooperation (on curriculum and teaching materials)
  • Smart tourism and smart city technologies
  • Circular economy and renewable energy
  • Ocean-related knowledge exchange and technology transfer
  • Technology innovation and SME incubation
  • Industrial design



In July 2018, representatives from Yantai and Rome met during the EU-China Regional Policy Seminar in Zhengzhou. Both established initial contact and exchanged ideas on the cooperation possibilities with each other.

In September 2018, Yantai city representatives joined the Chinese delegation led by National Development and Reform Commission, and conducted a working visit to Rome during the mission in the EU, during which they met with Rome city representatives in charge of mobility, infrastructure, smart city etc., and discussed cooperation possibilities in areas of tourism, smart mobility, energy, sustainable community and education.  

In November 2018, delegates from Rome city council as well as business sector as part of the EU city delegation conducted a working mission to Yantai, during which Rome IOT Open City Smart Lab signed a MoU with Tencent Could (Yantai) Innovation Base, intending to cooperate on the development of smart tourism and smart city related technologies. In addition, the German Industrial Design Center based in Yantai is also interested in working with relevant stakeholders from Rome to exchange know-how and explore the possibility of co-organizing events in 2019.

*Note: IUC Asia pioneered a 'cluster' approach to city-to-city cooperation. As a result, Urban Cooperation Action Plans (UCAPs) for those cities may refer to a group of cooperating cities, as opposed to merely a pairing.



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