Udaipur and Aarhus continue bringing their partnership forward


On 18 December 2019, the municipalities of Udaipur (India) and Aarhus (Denmark) took their IUC cooperation forward by signing a Partnership Agreement with the IUC India programme. Aarhus Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard and CEO City Manager Niels Højberg signed on behalf of the partnership.

By signing this agreement, Aarhus Municipality commits to further engaging with partner city Udaipur, developing a Local Action Plan on a mutually agreed area of cooperation, and sharing best practices focusing on water and wastewater management. This cooperation builds on the ongoing successful cooperation between Udaipur and Aarhus as part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs strategic sector cooperation.

Through cooperation, the City of Udaipur will align its smart city targets pertaining to sustainable urban development with international best practices and will experience substantial benefits for the city.

During the signing, Mayor Bundsgaard remarked, “Aarhus places a high priority on promoting the UN’s sustainable development goals – both locally and globally, wherever possible. One example of this is the fruitful collaboration that has developed between Aarhus and Udaipur in the area of water management, drinking water supply and wastewater. With this signature, this collaboration will be expanded to include EU IUC, which means that there will be even more expertise and resources to draw on. This new collaboration will strengthen our joint efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals. We look forward to that.”

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Header image by IUC-India.