European Union International Urban Cooperation Project leads to sustainable urban cooperation between the Cities of Panaji and Dubrovnik

Supported by the European Union, International Urban Cooperation India (IUC India)project, the cooperation between the cities of Panaji (India) and Dubrovnik (Croatia) is progressing. A six-member delegation from the Corporation of City of Panaji headed by the Honourable Mayor Mr. Udai Vamon Modcoicar and Commissioner Mr. Sanjit Robert Rodrigues visited Dubrovnik during 10-13 December, 2019 to meet with the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mr. Mato Frankovic and he president of the City Council, Mr. Marko Potrebica as well as key city resentatives. On this occasion the Pairing Agreement between the City of Dubrovnik and IUC India was signed.

The Indian delegation also comprised of the Deputy Mayor, the Corporator, Municipal Engineer and Project Executive. The purpose of this exchange visit is to strengthen the cooperation, visit smart city sites, and exchange best practices, especially in the fields of smart mobility and waste management. The outcome will be a joint Local Action Plan.

The Honourable Mayor of Dubrovnik Mato Frankovic welcomed the Indian delegation, emphasizing support for the project and future cooperation of the two cities, which are connected also through St. Blaise.

"Projects like this are of a great importance for the future because they bring cities together, foster co-operation, exchange of experience and future good relationships," said Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Frankovic.

The head of the delegation, Honourable Mayor Mr. Udai Vamon Modcoicar has said, “We are very delighted to be here. It is indeed beneficial to work with an important city like Dubrovnik, with which we share some common features. The EU International Urban Cooperation project provides us with this unique opportunity and we look forward to a productive partnership”

The Commissioner of the City of Panaji Mr. Sanjit Robert Rodrigues said, “We are very satisfied with the pairing with Dubrovnik. There are very good opportunities for both cities to work on issues of both local and global importance. We anticipate that this pairing will result into some real time solutions which will be useful for the citizens of Panaji”

IUC/India, is part of the corresponding global IUC Programme. It is financed by the European Union, and implemented by a consortium of GFA Consulting Group GmbH (leader) and CRISIL. The IUC aims to boost cooperation on sustainable urban development with EU partners in Asia and the Americas. 

For more information contact Mr. Ashish Verma, IUC/India,