Six more Latin American cities join IUC city-to-city pairings

Six Latin American cities have newly joined the International Urban Cooperation programme (IUC-LAC), following a competitive selection process in which they were chosen among many applicant cities.

The newest IUC-LAC cities are Córdoba (Argentina); Barranquilla, Soledad and Cartagena (Colombia); Quilicura (Chile); and São Paulo (Brazil). Each city has been paired with a European counterpart based on their areas of expertise and focuses for further sustainable urban development. The pairings are: Córdoba and Zagreb (Croatia); Barranquilla e Soledad and Velletri e Roma (Italy); Cartagena and Málaga (Spain); São Paulo and Milan (Italy); and Quilicura is paired with Glasgow (United Kingdom).

IUC-LAC announced the newly selected cities in August 2019. They have since supported the pairings in beginning and developing their cooperation.

With the addition of these six new members, 25 Latin American cities are now taking part in city-to-city cooperation with European counterparts with the IUC programme.

For more information, view the full article [in Portugese] here.


Header image by Enrique Nuñez