Covenant of Mayors Japan holds first Steering Committee meeting in Tokyo

The Steering Committee of the "Covenant of Mayors Japan" had its first formal gathering on 8 August in the Japanese capital of Tokyo.

The Steering Committee is comprised of 10 members and includes mayors and representatives of relevant Japanese organisations. In addition to the mayors of the cities of Niseko, Tokorozawa, Kaga, Toyohashi, Kyoto, Yosano, and Goto, deputies from the Global Environment Bureau of the Ministry of the Environment, the National Centre for Climate Change Actions, and the Delegation of the European Union to Japan are part of the committee.

Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa, the Mayor of Kyoto City, was unanimously elected as chairman of the committee, while Mr. Kenya Katayama, the Mayor of the town of Niseko, was appointed as acting chairman.

Mr. Hiroshi Kamakata, Administrative vice Minister of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, opened the meeting by saying: "At a time when the effects of climate change are becoming a matter of serious concern, we would like to sincerely support the ‘Covenant of Mayors Japan’. Local efforts are important for a carbon-free society. As stated in the concept of ‘Regional Circular and Ecological Sphere’ by the Ministry of the Environment, we hope that this initiative will expand the scope of environmental initiatives and promote policies to resolve regional issues.”

Upon assuming the chairmanship of the committee, Mr. Kadokawa stated: "I am glad to have a discussion here today with such ambitious colleagues. We share the responsibility of our generation, the responsibility of Japan, and the responsibility for the future, and we are determined to work together for the future of humanity.”

In the course of the meeting, the Secretariat of the Covenant of Mayors Japan reported on the progress and current status of the coalition and presented plans for future activities, including the development of a simple reporting platform. The committee endorsed the ‘Implementation Guidelines for the Covenant of Mayors Japan’ which touch upon commitment, the formulation of action plans, implementation and monitoring, as well as reporting.

The secretariat plans to engage more municipalities in the coalition and will initiate support measures, such as dispatching experts to provide advice on energy-related projects that promote local energy production for local energy consumption.

For more information, visit the Covenant of Mayors Japan website.