European and Latin American regions exchange knowledge in series of visits


A number of working visits took place during the month of May between regions of Latin American and European countries, during which the territories from both continents worked together in person to discuss solutions to common problems.

The exchanges, which took place in Brazil, Chile and Peru, focused on ways to stimulate the economic development of the regions through innovation, competitiveness and smart specialisation.

The region of Paraná met their partner Ivace-Valencia (Spain) for the second time in Brazil, while Minas Gerais met with the region of Silesia for the first time.

The Basque Country hosted a first meeting with the BioBío region, with San Martín and Vzhodna, and Arequipa and Podlaskie, holding exchanges in Peru.

During the meetings, good practices were shared on topics such as mobility and sustainable tourism, industry 4.0, agribusiness, biological commerce, and communication technologies, among other areas.

The three exchanges in which it was the second visit between the regions concluded with the signing of a cooperation agreement between the parties, which states that both territories will continue to cooperate beyond the programme.

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