IUC North America launches Showcase Cities and Regions initiative


The North America office of the IUC programme will be collaborating with cities and regions in Canada, Mexico and the USA to deepen the technical capacity within local government to develop climate action plans for the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM).

A support package will be delivered via contracted technical experts to ensure that participating cities can build their institutional expertise and that the outputs generated will meet the GCoM requirements.

In addition to supporting these specific cities and regions, another objective of the cooperation is to develop inspirational case studies for other GCoM member cities to follow.

The following cities and regions will be participating as ‘Showcase’ cities/regions over the next 12-15 months:


  • Ciudad Juárez,
  • Bahía de Banderas
  • Culiacán
  • Ciudad Madero
  • Zapopan


  • Chicago Metropolitan Area
  • Denver/Boulder Region
  • Metro Kansas City
  • Metro Washington

A similar initiative is being developed for Canada with the Showcase cities to be selected later this summer.

For more information, contact: rglancy@iuc-na.eu