Frankfurt and Yokohama discuss path to carbon neutrality during study tour


A delegation from the City of Yokohama (Japan) engaged in an exchange of views on climate change initiatives and smart cities during a visit to the City of Frankfurt am Main (Germany) from 20 – 22 August, 2018 as part of the IUC programme.

The visit saw delegates tour Frankfurt to learn more about urban development, including methods to save energy in the city’s old town without sacrificing cultural and historical value, the extensive use of low-carbon mobility in Frankfurt Airport, and environmental education for junior high school students. The tour members also discussed ideas on energy management, public awareness, hydrogen initiatives, and low-carbon transportation - topics being addressed by both cities.

Yokohama and Frankfurt both aspire to be carbon-neutral, meaning they face common challenges, such as cooperating with other regions and cities on increasing their input of renewable energy and transitioning to a decarbonised economy. This commonality led to extremely fruitful discussions. 

The Yokohama delegation was particularly impressed by Frankfurt’s system of offering bonuses to homes and public facilities that attain energy saving targets, as it provides citizens and facility managers with a tangible incentive to save energy. The Frankfurt side, in turn, was interested in Yokohama’s Smart City Project and the city’s promotion of low-carbon mobility. 

Following the signing of a partnership agreement in 2011, Frankfurt and Yokohama have been deepening exchange on the topics of climate change initiatives, economic activities and promotion of culture, art and the creative city. During this visit, they concluded a new agreement on exchange under the IUC programme, and confirmed their commitment to further exchange on climate change initiatives and smart cities. The successful study tour and mutually interesting content raised expectations for future exchanges between the two cities.