City of Solapur delegation visits the City of Murcia to exchange on urban issues

A delegation of five Solapur City representatives led by Mayor Shobha Srishail Banshetty and Municipal Commissioner Dr. Avinash Dhakne visited the City of Murcia (Spain) from 3–7 September 2018. The Indian delegation got to witness urban development projects in Murcia focused on smart city initiatives, potable water and waste management, policing, and other topics. The delegation also discussed Murcia’s city strategy, which plans for future development in a sustainable manner. The five day programme comprised a mix of theoretical and practical exposure to urban development success stories. As part of their IUC cooperation, Murcia and Solapur will work together to jointly create a local action plan on urban issues.

Mr. Jose Ballesta German, Mayor of Murcia, said: “The City of Murcia has a long experience in smart initiatives, incorporating new technologies as well as water management. We welcome the Solapur delegation to the City of Murcia and are happy to participate in this European Union knowledge exchange programme. City to city cooperation on urban issues can lead to a more sustainable world in line with international guidelines.”

Ms. Shobha Srishail Banshetty stated: “We are impressed with the urban infrastructure systems in the city of Murcia and we look forward to replicating some key best practices in Solapur. We also invite the City of Murcia to visit Solapur to understand the possibilities of interventions in specific areas.”

Dr. Avinash Dhakne mentioned that: “Our initial interactions and discussions with Murcia set the context for a long lasting relationship. We found a lot of useful possibilities as part of this collaboration, especially in the areas of potable water and green areas. As part of the IUC India project, we are looking forward to a productive cooperation and exchange of ideas to the benefit of both cities.”

IUC India is part of the international IUC programme. IUC India is financed by the European Union and implemented by a consortium of GFA Consulting Group GmbH (leader) and CRISIL. The IUC aims to boost cooperation on sustainable urban development with EU partners in Asia and the Americas.

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