Urban Agenda for the EU invites citizens to discuss EU policies

In 2016, the Pact of Amsterdam established the Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU), which aims to ensure better regulation, better funding and better knowledge to achieve smart, inclusive and sustainable cities by 2020. The UAEU considers the importance of local and regional authorities’ involvement in EU policies, as formulated in the Lisbon Treaty in 2007. In this regard, 12 Thematic Partnerships have been launched, gathering cities authorities, national governments and European institutions to work together.

These Partnerships set a new form of multilevel cooperation from cities to EU institutions. They represent a key delivery mechanism for the UAEU providing concrete and case-based approaches. 12 Thematic Partnerships have been launched in three groups, following three consequential Presidencies of the European Council:
    Amsterdam Partnerships: Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees, Affordable Housing, Air Quality, and Urban Poverty.
    Bratislava Partnerships: Circular Economy, Digital Transition, Jobs and Skills in the Local Economy, and Urban Mobility.
    Malta Partnerships: Climate Adaptation, Energy Transition, Responsible and Innovative Public Procurement, and Sustainable Use of Land and Nature-based Solutions.
The main UAEU promotion and communication tool, Futurium, is a platform that enables citizens to actively take part in the discussions on EU policies. Those who would like to contribute to the UAEU can join Futurium online.
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