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Solutions Database

This database compiles companies, research institutions, and other solution providers from across the world who can provide the technical expertise to help your city develop more sustainably. Oftentimes cities may wish to carry out sustainable projects, but lack specific knowledge or capacity. The listed solution providers have experience in supporting cities and regions to achieve their sustainability goals.

Solution providers can add their solutions by clicking here. All submitted solutions are subject to approval.  

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Solution Title

La Transición ecosistemica de las Metropolis

Solution Title (in English)

The Ecosystemic transition in the metropolises


smart mobility, samrt grid sumu


mobility operators, cities, regions, country


Business model: Development & Manufacturing, R+D+I Services, Other types of licence, OthersTarget: Business, Consumer We offer a smart specialization strategy for the transition to a new energy model in cities, with direct and planned actions in urban planning, mobility, and the environment. Solution to facilitate the energy transition with the decarbonisation of mobility. (Smart parking by e-MaaS and the physical integration of samrt mobility with samrt grids). Become a standard for the metropolis. Ecosystemic transition in the metropolises, from an infrastructure solution. Considered a deep tech innovation.
SDGs and Topics

Sustainable Development Goals


Air quality
Circular economy
Energy transition
Inclusive and sustainable economic growth
Innovative and responsible public procurement
Integrated urban-rural development
Safe, inclusive urban development
Smart cities and regional/urban innovation and competitiveness
Sustainable production/consumption
Urban mobility
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Provider Name

Urban Resilience, S.L.

Legal Form

company S.L.

Size (Employees)

micro co


Agricultura, 45


Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona




34 609901279, Anna

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We offer a franchise or license

Management System Certifications

It is a technological innovation of funds, in the social challenges of the metropolis

Research and Development Activities

It would be adjusted for the purchase cpi or cpp
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The solution is composed of an innovative physical infrastructure, a business plan and a roadmap for implementation

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