GCoM promoted at Smart City Expo LATAM Congress

The IUC North America office selected the Smart City Expo LATAM Congress, which took place in Puebla (Mexico) from 11 – 13 September, as a venue to strongly promote the Global Covenant of Mayors.

Mayors from Mexican and Latin American cities formalised their commitment to the initiative, demonstrating their ambition in the areas of mitigation, adaptation and universal access to energy. The Mexican cities of Santa Catarina, Orizaba, Huamantla, Saltillo, Chihuahua and Xalapa and the Latin American cities of Santa Anita and Corrientes reaffirmed their commitment to the Global Covenant of Mayors and safeguarding a sustainable future.

IUC North America also organised a Technical Information Session on the requirements of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, which was delivered by the Joint Research Centre.