Companies, researchers and others invited to contribute to IUC solutions database


A new database has been launched by the IUC programme to highlight companies, research institutes and other organisations that provide solutions in the field of sustainable urban development.

The aim of this database is to make it easier for cities to find useful partners to work with when realising sustainable development projects. Solution providers can include everything from companies that install wind farms, to universities that provide targeted urban research, to SMEs that manufacture products from recycled materials, and so on.

The emphasis within the database is on the solution provided, rather than on one specific company or organisation.

All companies, research institutions and other solution providers are invited to add their solutions to the database.

Once added, the submission is subject to approval by the IUC programme team. All data added will be held in strict accordance with the EU’s GDPR data regulations.

The solutions database has the potential to become a truly useful resource for local and regional governments across the world.

To view the database, click here. For more information, contact: