Turning wastewater into a valuable resource focus of upcoming IUC webinar

The IUC programme will hold the fourth webinar of its ongoing sustainable urban development series on 10 April from 10:00 to 11:30 CEST. Focusing on choosing locally-appropriate solutions for wastewater management, this edition will feature speakers from the cities of Hamburg (Germany), Aarhus (Denmark), and Nagpur (India).

Managing wastewater is becoming increasingly challenging as urban populations grow at an unprecedented rate. Oftentimes, infrastructure development does not keep pace with the population increase. Meeting this challenge requires government authorities and public utilities to become more creative and innovative in their approach to wastewater management, developing solutions that are locally fit for purpose, ecologically sound and that meet the needs of residents and other stakeholders.

Innovation requires a mind shift from viewing this type of water as ‘waste’ to be dealt with and rather seeing it as a valuable resource. In Aarhus, a high-tech facility is being built that treats the city’s wastewater while recovering valuable resources. In Nagpur, natural treatment processes are being employed that enable the reclaimed water to be used for irrigation.

Wide-spread awareness of wastewater issues among citizens, as well as their participation in decision-making, is a great asset to making water management more effective. An inspiring example from Japan will be presented of rallying public support to sustain its wastewater infrastructure through developing an interactive ‘manhole-card’ game for residents.

By joining the webinar, participants will gain a greater understanding of how wastewater solutions can be embedded into local urban planning, the factors that contribute to the success (or failure) of innovative measures, and the replication potential of the presented good practices.

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