3rd Exchange Meeting of the EU and Japanese Cities

11 & 12 October 2018 | Brussels, Belgium

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Welcome and Opening

Moderated by: Prof. Hidefumi Imura, Project Coordinator of IUC-Japan
Welcome by: Severina Markova, on behalf of Hilde Hardeman, Head of Service, Service for Foreign Policy Instruments, European Commission
Speech by: Kazuo Kodama, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Mission of Japan to the European Union


Report of the Progress and Project Implementation Guidelines

Moderated by: Prof. Hidefumi Imura, Project Coordinator of IUC-Japan | presentation (pdf)
Speech by: Dr. Ronald Hall, Principal Adviser for International Relations, DG REGIO European Commission

Review of the progress made since the start in 2017 up until the date and the guidelines of project implementation, followed by Q&A

  • Selection of the Five Pairings in 2017, Partnership Agreements
  • 1st Exchange Meeting in Brussels, November 2017
  • Selection of the Three Pairings in 2018
  • Study Tours of the Five EU Cities in Japan, April 2018
  • 2nd Exchange Meeting in Tokyo, April 2018
  • Study Tours of the Eight (5+3) Japanese cities in Europe, August-November 2018
  • Local Action Plans
  • Schedules
  • Pairing coordinators


Joint Presentation by the Three New Pairings

Moderated by: Prof. Miranda Schreurs, Professor of Technical University of Munich, and IUC-Japan pairing coordinator for Tokorozawa and Bratislava
Each city newly joined in 2018 will introduce the basic feature of the city, its cooperation subject and implementation plans, followed by Q&A

  • City of Bratislava and City of Tokorozawa for “climate change adaptation, urban nature-based solutions, and smart eco-city development” | presentation (pdf)
  • Grenoble-Alpes Metropole and City of Toyota for “smart cities” | presentation (pdf)
  • City of Umea and City of Kamakura for “smart cities, social inclusion and the integration of SDGs” | presentations of Kamakura and Umea (pdf)


Round Table Discussion: Reports by the Five Pairings

Moderated by: Prof. Hidefumi Imura, Project Coordinator of IUC-Japan
Keynote by: Giorgia Rambelli, IUC Coordinting Unit. "Where we are in the IUC programme?".  | presentation (pdf)
Comments by: Daniela Patti, IUC-Europe, Methodological Taskforce "Methodology for local action plans"
The five pairings joined in 2017 (listed below) and pairing coordinators are requested to participate in the round table discussion to report their activities carried out and express their visions towards the goal. Each city will be asked to respond to the following questions:

  1. What are good practices and lessons learned from your partner city, what innovative ideas, insights or suggestions have you obtained through the cooperation?
  2. What do you suggest to your partner city to improve or enhance its policy measures?
  3. What are the next steps towards your local action plan? What are your policy priorities, objectives and measures? How will you integrate new policy ideas obtained by the cooperation into your action plan?
  4. Do you have any ideas and suggestions for improvement of the project implementation?

The five pairings:

  • City of Frankfurt and City of Yokohama for “smart cities”
  • City of Essen and City of Koriyama for “clean technology and renewable energy” | presentation (pdf)
  • City of Donostia-San Sebastian and City of Hirosaki for “buildings and site regeneration” | presentation (pdf)
  • City of Ancona and City of Ikoma for “clean energy, social inclusion, and healthy cities” | presentation (pdf)
  • City of Ioannina and City of Ichinomiya for “sustainable mobility and transport” | presentation (pdf)

Pairing coordinators:

  • Dr. Junichi Fujino
  • Yatsuka Kataoka (for Ancona and Ikoma)
  • Sadamitsu Sakoguchi (for Ioannina and Ichinomiya)

The three pairings newly joined are also invited to make comments and ask questions.


Knowledge Sharing and Local Action Plans

Moderated by: Dr. Junichi Fujino, Programme Director of the City Task Force, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, and IUC-Japan chief pairing coordinator
Key note by: Jeppe Jensen, Project Manager, Climate Alliance e. V., “IUC Website and knowledge sharing platform” | presentation (pdf)
Key note by: Kentaro Akaboshi, Deputy Director, Urban Policy Division, City Bureau, Ministry of Land Infrastructure Transport and Tourism, “i-Urban Renovation: Visualization of urban renovation by using numerical and spatial data” | presentation (pdf)

Introduction of the IUC-Website and a good practice in Japan, followed by information exchange and discussion on the knowledge sharing and local action plans

  • Collection of good practices, mutual learning and knowledge sharing platform
  • Handling and management of the Website


Wrap-up and Conclusion







Moderated by: Dr. Noriko Sugiyama, IUC-Japan Secretariat, Nagoya University

  • Opening Remark by the Project Coordinator, Prof. Hidefumi Imura

Integration of City-to-City Cooperation and GCoM

Moderated by: Dr. Noriko Sugiyama, IUC-Japan Secretariat, Nagoya University

  • Key note by: Miguel Morcillo, Climate Alliance
    Presentation will be made on European cities’ approach to integrate climate and energy initiatives into urban development policy and planning and the role of GCoM, followed by discussion and information exchange

Summary of the meetings on 10 and 11 October

Moderated by: Dr. Noriko Sugiyama, IUC-Japan Secretariat, Nagoya University
Sum up the discussions made at the meetings on the 10th and 11th, and identify and confirm the next steps

  • Report on the city-to-city event on 10 October by Prof. Hidefumi Imura
  • Report on the 3rd Exchange Meeting on 11 October by Yatsuka Kataoka, paring coordinator, IGES
  • Confirmation on the schedules and tasks towards the 4th Exchange Meeting in Tokyo and study tours of the EU cities to Japan in the spring of 2019

Knowledge Sharing, Local Action Plans and the Goal of Cooperation

Moderated by: Yatsuka Kataoka, Pairing Coordinator, IGES

  • Discuss the challenges and methodologies towards the goal of cooperation

Wrap-up and Closing