Partnership between Vilnius and Kochi progressing well with the identification of areas of cooperation concerning Solid Waste Management, Climate Change and Institutional reforms

A five – member delegation from Vilnius has visited Kochi during 4 – 8 March, 2019 to meet various stakeholders within Kochi Municipal Corporation, Kochi Smart City cell and other parastatal agencies involved in various urban development related activities in the city. The group was representing various departments within Vilnius municipality like urban development, energy, solid waste and administration. The group was led by the head of the urban development department, Mr. Mindaugas Pakalnis. The basic objective of the visit and meeting with diverse set of stakeholders was to assess the baseline scenarios related to solid waste management, policies on climate change and an assessment of the current
institutional framework in the city. The team from Vilnius has met different stakeholders at various levels, visited many project sites and agreed upon an agenda to be executed in Kochi with support from Kochi Municipal Corporation and other stakeholders.

On this occasion, the head of the delegation, Mr. Pakalnis from Vilnius has said, “Kochi is a very important city in India as well as worldwide. We are very thrilled to see the unique features of the coastal city and are optimistic to work here in close cooperation with Kochi Municipal Corporation. Our initial impressions are very good and we hope that this partnership will lead to tangible outcomes beneficial to both the partner cities”

The honorable mayor from Kochi, Ms. Soumini Jain said, “We are very thankful to Vilnius city to have come here and partner with us on specific areas of cooperation and knowledge exchange. We want to ensure both to IUC and Vilnius city that we are very committed to this partnership and want to achieve real time improvements in urban service deliveries in areas of solid waste management, climate change and
others. ”

IUC/India, is part of the corresponding global IUC Programme. It is financed by the European Union, and implemented by a consortium of GFA Consulting Group GmbH (leader) and CRISIL. The IUC aims to boost cooperation on sustainable urban development with EU partners in Asia and the Americas.

For more information contact Mr. Ashish Verma, IUC/India,