European Union Project leads to Cooperation on Water Supply, Waste Water Treatment, and Use of technology for water leak detection and augment water supply for drinking purpose between the Cities of Murcia, Spain and Solapur, India

Supported by the European Union, International Urban Cooperation India project, the cooperation between Solapur and Murcia (Spain) is progressing. A five-member delegation from the City of Murcia headed by Mr. Alvaro Garcia Montoro has visited Solapur during 12 – 16 March, 2019 to meet with the Mayor of Solapur, Ms. Shobha Shrishail Banshetti and the Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Deepak Taware of the City of Solapur, Maharashtra. The group comprised of representatives from Murcia Municipality representing different departments like engineering, tourism, education, and economic development department within Murcia municipality. The purpose of this exchange visit is to strengthen the cooperation based on a local action plan for between the cities of Murcia and Solapur. The topic for cooperation between Murcia and Solapur has decided to be urban water supply which will look at the various dimensions of water and waste water and intend to work on a holistic solution to integrated urban water management in Murcia City. The Spanish delegation has visited various sites in Solapur city to assess the current situation with regards to
water supply, water treatment and disposal. In the later course of this program, both the cities will be working on a holistic local action plan concerning the potable water supply solutions for Solapur city.
On this occasion, the head of the delegation, Mr. Alvaro Garcia Montoro from Murcia has said, “We are very impressed with the present state of initiatives under smart city program in Solapur. A lot of focus has been given to keep the city clean and provide the city dwellers with adequate amount green space. We are also delighted to see that many place making projects are in good progress in Solapur. We anticipate Solapur to be a very good partner with Murcia under IUC program and expect for a long term relation with this amazing city.”
The municipal commissioner of Solapur, Mr. Deepak Taware said, “We are very happy to receive this diverse set of delegation from Murcia to our Solapur city. During this exchange visit, we will be discussing the possibility of working with Murcia on various smart city related initiatives including water, waste water, tourism, greenery etc. We are also very thankful to the honourable mayor of Murcia to spare time and resources for a better and futuristic Solapur” IUC/India, is part of the corresponding global IUC Programme. It is financed by the European Union, and implemented by a consortium of GFA Consulting Group GmbH
(leader) and CRISIL. The IUC aims to boost cooperation on sustainable urban development with EU partners in Asia and the Americas.
For more information contact Mr. Ashish Verma, IUC/India,