City pairings

Apply to Join the IUC City-to-City Cooperation Program!


IUC-North America has launched a new call for Canadian, US and Mexican cities to apply for the program by Friday, March 15th!


Through the IUC programme which launched in 2017, over 130 cities and regions across Europe have now entered into partnerships on sustainable development with cities and regions from India, China, Japan, as well as six countries in Latin America and North America.  

In the IUC - North America Region, six US, six Canadian and four Mexican cities currently are paired with EU cities tackling similar challenges, allowing the pairs to build cooperation, share experiences, and exchange knowledge.  

The city pairs are cooperating on topics which include sustainable urban mobility, inclusive urban development, urban regeneration, housing and circular economy. Representatives from each city take part in learning exchanges, staff exchanges, technical visits, trainings, conferences and seminars. The participating cities develop action plans and pilot projects that are informed by their cooperation and knowledge sharing.



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Application Deadline is Friday, March 15th! 

Please submit application to 


Being part of the IUC program means your city will:


  • COMMIT – Cooperate for up to 18 months with your European peers and allocate sufficient resources and time to develop successful cooperation that will last beyond the lifetime of this program.
  • LEARN – Exchange views on new ways of approaching challenges and benefit from a wider pool of good practices to draw upon; receive support in identifying innovative business models for financing local action.
  • SHARE – Help others to solve issues by sharing your own experiences and knowledge.
  • EXCHANGE – Open your city to dialogue and partnership with new peers in the EU, and relevant stakeholders.
  • NETWORK Have access to IUC city networks on themes such as circular economy, smart cities, inclusive urban development and urban mobility.
  • SHOWCASE – Increase the profile of your city's best practices and achievements internationally.
  • IMPLEMENT – Work with new partners to make your vision of sustainable urban development a reality through developing action plans and pilot projects.


The following cities in North America and Europe have been working together since 2018 on Sustainable Urban Development challenges within the framework of the IUC Program:

What are cities committing to?


Selected North American cities must commit to cooperating with their EU partner city for up to 18 months, and to sharing their progress with their partner city, the IUC program, and as appropriate with the wider public.  Cities also agree to develop an Urban Cooperation Action Plan (U-CAP) on an identified thematic priority (or priorities) in sustainable urban development. Measures and actions to be implemented should aim at contributing to the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the New Urban Agenda, the Sendai framework, and the Paris Agreement, enhancing quality of life in urban areas. 

Participating cities will sign a Partnership Agreement (i.e. Memorandum of Understanding) which outlines their commitment to work together on agreed areas of thematic cooperation.

Participating cities will become part of a larger international community of peers and stakeholders engaging on sustainable urban development through the EU's International Urban Cooperation initiative.


Who can apply?


Cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants are encouraged to apply. For more information, please download the  FAQ for Canadian cities (english version) (FAQ - French version) or the FAQ for US cities or contact