The City of Ichinomiya

General overview of the city

Ichinomiya city is located in central Japan in the north western part of Aichi Prefecture and is a landlocked city. The Kiso River that flows through the city is one reason for the rich culture and economic growth was based on the textile industry.  The City hosts a Star Festival (Tanabata) at the end of July every year attracting a crowd of over one million each year.

Sustainability policies

Ichinomiya sees a sudden drop in its future population and is seeking ways to collect the dispersed population using a two tier policy: 1) by drawing residents to the city hub; while 2) simultaneously maintaining the vitality of communities in the suburbs.  This concept named the “Compact City” is promoted by the Ministry of Infrastructure as a strategy that could hopefully reduce the fiscal budget by creating resource efficient consumption and behavioral patterns, facilitate healthy lifestyles, and create urban infrastructure that can adapt to changes in the age distribution and size of population.  Redevelopment of Ichinomiya central, the main station area, for one, has brought this hub back to life. The city’s center is thriving, and property values have risen. 

An attractive waterfront along the Kiso River is hoped to increasing the number of inbound visitors to the city.  The city seeks to utilize its cultural, historical and natural assets to the fullest.  Meanwhile, Ichinomiya seeks to contribute to the global initiative to counter climate change by embracing renewable energy and sustainable lifestyles.

Related policies

Much of the suburban population will age resulting with a large number of deserted houses because the children of the owners will not choose to reside in their parents homes. This could lead to the destruction of old houses, and apartments, combined with an increase in neighborhood crimes, as well as a rise in the number of illegal waste disposals. The compact city strategy aims to counter this by improving living conditions and concentrating urban development to the city center while also improving public transport networks.


  • CO2 is reduced by 11.5 percent from 2015 levels in 2020.
  • Renewables account for 12.2 percent of the energy mix in 2020.
  • Energy consumption is reduced by 3.2 percent from 2015 levels in 2020.
Basic Data
Growth+1.9 % (2005 - 2010)

Certified for
nurse care
(Aichi Pref)

2.5% / 1.2% (2000 /2014)
Area113.82 km2
Nominal GDP110 billion yen
 (US$ 0.96 billion)

SDG 11 indicators found in Ichinomiya’s policies

Adequate housing policiesPublic transport promotionCivil society participation in urban planningPolicies to reduce solid wasteBetter air quality policiesDisaster risk  reduction policies

Note: 〇 policies exist, N/A policies do not exist 

written by the IUC-J Secretariat