Join IUC to discuss leveraging innovation to build smart and resilient cities

The IUC will be hosting an Urban Innovation Session on 16 October from 15:30 to 17:00 in Penang, Malaysia as part of the Seventh Asia-Pacific Urban Forum (APUF). Join this interactive session on how "innovation spaces" can be leveraged to build climate resilient cities and to promote smart solutions development.

Cities across the world, including in Asia and Europe, are increasingly facing climate-related challenges. In response, local governments are developing strategies to promote smart city technologies that address climate change, such as smart transport, buildings, and grids. New ways of thinking, collaborating with stakeholders, and innovation spaces are needed to continue to identify and make use of innovative solutions.

This interactive session will showcase the importance of innovation spaces where stakeholders can share ideas on new ways to address urban climate challenges. It will focus on how these spaces can be leveraged to address climate resilience and smart solutions development.

Actors from all backgrounds and geographies are invited to join the discussion.

To view a more detailed session description, including a list of speakers, please click here.

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Header image by: Linus Mak